Hello. I’m Greg – Aussie dad, husband, son, etc., and all around nice guy. At least, I think so. I hope so.

On this site, I plan to write about my experiences writing my novels, publishing, and beyond, as well as to, of course, information about those books once they are available! Hopefully this information can help other aspiring writers – particularly those interested in self-publishing. Thanks for visiting!

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Debut: Pyramidion

My first novel is out and available across the interwebs! If you do grab a copy (or plan to), don’t forget to leave an honest review with the platform on which you bought it (and Goodreads, too, if you can!) – that really helps spread the word. Without it, and without the backing of a major publisher, it’s really hard to get the word out. Thanks for your support.

What if everything you thought you knew was a lie?

“Seek the Pyramidion.”

After losing his whole world in a car accident, Luke Nixon falls into a pit of despair, only to find himself receiving advice from his dead wife in his dreams. He soon ends up under the care of an ancient organisation and learns that he and his family are of an ancient bloodline – and that his daughter is still alive.

Unsure if he can trust them, but lacking any other choice, Luke is left with only one option: to rescue his daughter. However, it’s no simple task following a breadcrumb trail across multiple continents, through the spirit realm, and ultimately bringing Luke face to face with gods and demons.

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How often should I write?

It’s the age-old question, isn’t it? The question on every new writer’s lips: how much should I write per month, per week, per day…? It’s a question that arises out of a lack of experience, and a lack of true confidence, and there’s nothing wrong with either of those things — they’re perfectly natural. ButContinue reading “How often should I write?”

Anyone can write a book!

As a self-published author, you’ll inevitably come up against this from time to time. When you share your pride at having written and released a novel, some people just can’t let you have a win. “Oh, you’re self published? Anyone can do that.” Cue jaw drop. Allow blood to boil before simmering. The problem isContinue reading “Anyone can write a book!”

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